Financing Options with Lixra

At, we prioritize your furniture shopping experience. Choose from our three convenient payment plans with Synchrony, Affirm, and Paypal. Don't let rejections hold you back – contact us to qualify for our exclusive "50-50" financing plan (4th financing option from Lixra). We're dedicated to helping you bring the furniture in your desired leather, color, and layout choices to your home effortlessly. Shop worry-free and focus on finding the perfect design for your space.

Financing Options and applying process:

Prior to applying for financing, ensure a smooth process by confirming that your credit is not frozen or locked. Unfreeze all three major credit bureaus—TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. This step is crucial to facilitate the credit check required during the application process. By unfreezing your credit reports, you enable the financing institutions to assess your creditworthiness accurately, expediting the approval process. Take a moment to review and lift any freezes on your credit to ensure a seamless experience when applying for the financing options available at

  1. Experience seamless financing with Synchrony at Enjoy 0% interest for 6 and 12 months; for extended plans of 24 and 36 months, a nominal interest applies based on your credit profile. The online approval process takes just minutes. At checkout, DO NOT SELECT Express Checkout. Enter your details and choose Synchrony in the payment screen. After order submission, proceed to the Synchrony screen to select your preferred plan (6, 12, 24, or 36 months). Complete the approval process, and upon approval, your Synchrony card will be used for payment. If approved but the amount falls short, call Synchrony for a top-up to match your order amount. Shop stress-free with and Synchrony financing options.

  2. Unlock flexible financing with Affirm at Enjoy a interest (0.00% APR) 6-month plan, or opt for extended terms of 12, 24, or 36 months with a rates from 0–36% APR (Learn how it works). During checkout, avoid Express Checkout, proceed to the payment screen, and select Affirm as your payment option. Submit your order to open the Affirm screen, where you'll provide the necessary details. Upon approval, your order will be successfully completed. In the event of rejection, explore other financing options to find the perfect plan for your purchase. 

  3. Experience seamless payment flexibility with PayPal at Enjoy a 4-installment option with zero interest. During checkout, bypass Express Checkout, proceed to the payment screen, and select PayPal as your preferred payment option. Submit your order to access the PayPal screen, where you'll input the required details. Upon approval, your order will be swiftly completed. If, by chance, your application is rejected, don't worry—explore alternative financing options to discover the ideal plan for your purchase. 

  4. 50-50 Financing Plan
    If none of the three primary financing options align with your eligibility, we've got an exclusive solution for you – our "50-50" financing plan. With this unique option, you can proceed with your purchase by making a 50% down payment upfront. The remaining 50% can be settled after 3-4 weeks, offering you a flexible and accommodating payment arrangement. Simply give us a call, and our team will guide you through the straightforward process to avail yourself of the "50-50" financing option. At, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to ensure you can acquire the furniture you desire.