Order Cancellation Policy

Lixra practices a hassle-free cancellation policy. We are just an email (customercare@lixra.com ) or a call (+1 888-721-3588) away if you decide to change or cancel your order. 

  1. Any cancellation within 7 days from the order date, provided order is not shipped, falls under SAFE cancellation policy and you get complete refund on cancellation.

  2. Cancellation of order after 7 days of ordering is subject to applicable restocking fees. The below list mentions the restocking fees applied to the refund based on the product category.
    1. Home Décor - 10% or $10 whichever is higher
    2. Furniture - Refer product specific cancellation policy on the products page.
    3. Lights - 15% or $15 whichever is higher
    4. Other Categories - $0

  3. SHIPPED Orders cannot be cancelled and you will have to wait for the order to be delivered and then follow Return Process for returning the product.

  4. Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY or Orders that are CANCELLED AFTER SHIPPING (if customers dont wait to wait for return) will incur 10% processing fees + 20% Return shipping fees + 30% Restocking fees.

If any product has a separate cancellation policy listed on the products page then it takes precedence over the general cancellation policy mentioned here.